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Surgery-Addicted Model Mary Magdalene Debuts Bald Look in Unconventional Plastic “Beer Ring” Dress

Mary Magdalene, a model known for her obsession with plastic surgery, has once again shocked the public with her latest appearance. After previously gaining attention for her “uni-boob,” the heavily modified 26-year-old has shaved off all her hair and posed in a dress resembling a plastic “beer ring” holder.

With over 212,000 followers on Instagram (@1800leavemaryalone), Mary Magdalene has spent more than $100,000 USD (£78,038) on various cosmetic procedures over the years. Her recent revelation about a breast implant issue resulting in a “uni-boob” made headlines.

Now, Mary, who has reportedly undergone multiple Brazilian butt lifts, lip injections, nose jobs, cheek transfers, and other cosmetic procedures, has unveiled her latest transformation. The model, previously expressing a desire to resemble a “blow-up doll,” now sports a completely bald look.

Images depict Mary with a shaved head, flaunting her curves in a plastic dress adorned with countless holes that bear a striking resemblance to a beer ring holder.

“Oops I did it again,” she proclaimed.

Additionally, the Mexican-born model, residing in Toronto, Canada, shared a video of herself twerking in the street while donning the revealing outfit.

Fans on social media were left stunned by the new look. One individual commented, “I never expect the twerk but subconsciously I know it’s coming, and when it hits, it always hits like the first time.” Another user wrote, “Cyborg Mary activated.”

Some admirers praised Mary’s unique style, with one saying, “No one’s doing it like u Mary!” Another fan declared, “Bald Mary is hottest Mary.”

However, not everyone was impressed by the fashion choice. One person compared the dress to “sea turtles trapped in rubbish in the ocean.”

Earlier this year, Mary made headlines when one of her large implants ruptured, resulting in the “uni-boob” appearance. In response, she decided to adopt a more natural look by having the implants removed. Mary expressed her satisfaction with the change, stating, “I love it… Shopping is fun now cause I can fit in cute tops.” During the implant removal, she also underwent a labiaplasty procedure to correct the damage caused by illegal fillers, which left her vagina resembling “female testicles.”

Mary Magdalene continues to push boundaries with her unconventional and attention-grabbing transformations, ensuring that she remains in the spotlight.


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