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Photographer Captures Stunning Images of Elephant’s Graceful Stretching Stunt

A photographer has shared incredible images of an elephant showcasing a graceful move akin to that of a ballerina as it stretches out to reach treats at the tip of its trunk.

The fully-grown bull African elephant balances on its hind legs, successfully grabbing the snack in a mesmerizing display of dexterity.

The breathtaking shot was captured by lodge manager and photographer Mark Nicholson in Winterthorn Forest, Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, using a Canon R6 Mark II camera.

After trailing the elephant for an hour, parked 80 meters away, Nicholson was able to capture this rare moment.

“I felt privileged and very lucky,” said the 39-year-old photographer from Zambia. “There are only a few elephant bulls that have the capability of standing on their hind legs. I had been following this bull for about an hour before he did his party trick.”

Nicholson expressed his gratitude for being able to share these incredible experiences with the world. He added, “Not many people will have the privilege of going on a safari in Africa, so I am very lucky to call it home and love being able to share these incredible experiences with everyone.”

In one of the images, the elephant can be seen stretching its hind legs in preparation for the daring stunt. Another shot captures the bull delicately balancing its body while using its trunk to reach and maintain equilibrium.

Sharing the stunning find on Instagram (@marknicholson83), where Nicholson has amassed over 21,200 followers and over 2,000 likes, animal enthusiasts have expressed their admiration for the adorable snap.

Ian commented, “Amazing how he can balance on his hind legs.” Another person shared, “I have been chasing elephants my whole life, hoping to see one stand up on two feet. Seeing this picture makes me feel a little bit closer.”

Rosie added, “What an incredible photo! Wow.” Many others praised the intelligence of these majestic creatures.

Impressed by the elephant’s stunt, one person wrote, “Impressive! And the forest in the background is gorgeous!”


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