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Flight Attendant Reveals Secrets from the Sky, including Armrest Etiquette and Plane Hygiene

A flight attendant has unveiled insider secrets from the sky, shedding light on where cabin crew sleep, armrest etiquette, and the dirtiest part of a plane.

Esther Sturrus, a 22-year-old flight attendant from Rotterdam, Netherlands, who has worked for TUI and KLM, shares her extensive knowledge on TikTok, where she has gained a following of 193,500.

Addressing common dilemmas, Esther provides clarity on several issues, including the perennial debate over who deserves the two middle armrests.

According to Esther, “When you are sitting in the middle, the two armrests are yours. The person at the window has their armrest at the window, and the other person has theirs at the aisle, so the middle two are yours.”

As for the sleeping arrangements of cabin crew on long-haul flights, Esther reveals that they have designated rest areas on board. “On all long-haul flights, cabin crew and pilots will take a break. We divide this into two shifts. There is a crew rest area above the luggage compartments, which consists of a flatbed with a pillow and a curtain. We love it!” she explains. However, she also emphasizes that the job is demanding, with long working hours and limited sleep.

Esther also highlights the importance of hygiene on airplanes. Contrary to popular belief, the dirtiest part of a plane is not the toilets but the tray tables. Passengers often place their feet, heads, and other items on them, and cleaning crews may not be able to sanitize every table. Esther recommends bringing disinfectant wipes to clean the tray tables for personal hygiene.

As a seasoned flight attendant, Esther provides valuable insights to enhance the travel experience for passengers and offers glimpses into the behind-the-scenes aspects of cabin crew life.


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