Lisa Jacobs

Designation: writer;

Lisa came to the National Daily Press with a mind full of things she wanted to say. Luckily for us, the topics she likes to cover are an endless well of knowledge. Health, science, tech – Lisa can handle any of these subjects with ease.

After becoming an AA in Liberal Arts at CCS, Lisa started her career with a few low-income jobs in the business. However, as things go, she raised the bar on her writing and eventually caught the eye of this small publication. Long story short, now we would be nowhere without Lisa’s insightful articles.

Rene Roberts

Designation: writer;

Born and raised in a small town next to Flint, Michigan, Rene went on to achieve a BA in English with a minor in Biochemistry – which, by any standards, is no small feat. Like any jack of all trades, Rene wanted to continue his study in a tough field, namely history of arts. However, halfway through the MA program, he had to abandon his studies due to undisclosed personal reasons.

That brought Rene to work for us. While slowly continuing his artistic training, he writes articles on very diverse topics for the National Daily Press.

Archimedes Rabbiieaaaa

Designation: editor;

Detroit is probably not the friendliest to begin a national-level news startup. However, that’s no stopping for Archy. Writing under the above pseudonym, he likes to surround himself and his articles in an aura of mystery. He says it helps him keep the level of objectivity usually demanded by such controversial topics.

We asked Archy what he likes to do during the weekends to relax. He gave one simple answer: books. No follow-up questions were graced with a reply.

Heath Schell

Designation: writer;

Heath Schell never liked school. He never cared that much for books and he never particularly enjoyed writing. However, it was in 9th grade down in his small high school in upstate Michigan that he realized he’s better at this than anything else. Heath is a classic example that it’s never too late to find your true calling.

Soon enough he would have a double BA in Anthropology with a minor in world literature. Because he had just started brushing up on his reading, he remembers this time as being particularly challenging. But he struggled and pulled through. As such, we now have him on our team, and we can say that he has a unique and indeed interesting take on the English language.

Daniela Reece

Designation: writer;

Daniela befriended Heath in high-school, and the two have been together ever since. Despite this, she was, unlike Heath, determined to be a writer from a very young age. By the time they went to college, she had already read all the books that he was just starting to.

As such, we were very happy when Mr. Schell recommended Mrs. Reece as a good writer. All of her articles are top-notch writing, exquisitely researched and masterfully penned. We’re really thrilled to have Dani on our team, with her giant Reece’s mug of coffee, writing quietly at her desk filled with Funko Pop figures of her favorite superheroes.