A Refusal to Get Flu Shots Might Get You Fired

A Duluth-based health system, Essentia, fired about 50 workers because they refused to get flu shots. The company considered that it is very important for health system workers to get the shot because they work with people suffering from different conditions and they can put them in danger by spreading the flu. The Essentia Flu Shots

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The Perseid Is Coming In Full Swing This Months

While most of North America is looking to decide or book where they will be for the coming full solar eclipse, there are also going to be some fascinating night time shows for the first half of August. Two major meteor showers are going to be happening at the same time, and the night time

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Trump Suddenly Announces Transgender Military Ban

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump suddenly announced that he will ban transgender people from serving in the military. The announcement comes with no prior discussions with military experts. The Ban Would Supposedly Reduce Costs President Trump tweeted that there are “tremendous medical costs” with regards to transgender service members and that the military cannot afford them.

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