WhatsApp Back After Being Down for Hours

Yesterday, the entire population of the world who is using WhatsApp as a main communications service started panicking. Over one billion people were not able to use it at all because the highly popular messaging app was down for a few hours. According to reports from users, when they were trying to log in into

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Facebook Wants to Combat Public Opinion Manipulation

In a declaration issued less than six months ago, Mark Zuckerberg disagreed with the theory that Facebook influenced the outcome of the United States presidential election. Now, the company started a campaign which aims to prevent information operators from further manipulating the population. After initially denying getting involved into such affairs, Facebook now admitted that

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U.S. Broadband Providers Vow Not To Touch Customer Browsing Data

Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast vowed not to monetize their customers’ online browsing data if President Trump signs a resolution to roll back restrictions on the practice. Last week, The US. House of Representatives signed new legislation to undo Obama-era rules that bared broadband providers from collecting and selling their customers’ web browsing history without consent.

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