The Mystery Surrounding Amelia Earhart’s Death

Even if there have been numerous claims that American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart didn’t die when her plane crashed, it seems like the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery thinks it has discovered where did she, in fact, die. The leader of this group, Ric Gillespie, thinks that the pilot actually passed away on a desolate

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Louie the Baby Dinosaur Finally Finds its Species

                                                           Louie the Baby Dinosaur Finally Finds its Species In the early 1990s, scientists discovered a fossilized dinosaur embryo in a nest of huge dinosaur eggs, in central China. However, the fossils of its parents were nowhere to be found. So, ever since then, baby Louie, as they called it, has been an orphan. Until

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NOAA Looking Deeper Into Mysterious Whale Die-Off Along East Coast

NOAA announced that it will conduct a broader investigation into the mysterious die-off of humpback whales along the Eastern Seaboard. The phenomenon has been ongoing since the beginning of 2016. Forty-one whales died in less than 15 months, puzzling marine biologists, who deemed it an “unusual mortality event”. No one know exactly what caused the

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