United Airlines to Hand Out 10K to Every Bumped Passenger

United Airlines announced that is has changed its passenger removal policies after an unsavory incident earlier this month when one of its paying passengers were forcibly removed from a plane because the flight was overbooked. The airline pledged to prevent such situations from reoccurring, and if they do reoccur passengers will be given $10,000 to

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Trump Inches Closer to a Trade War with Canada

Trump says Canada and Mexico “have taken advantage” of the U.S. during the Clinton-era NAFTA trade agreement, and now they should pay back. The first on the chopping block is Canada, which last month, patted itself on the back for the “good lines of communication” it was able to establish with the Trump administration. On

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Diet Soda Tied to Higher Risk of Dementia and Stroke

Recent research from the Boston University School of Medicine suggests that drinking diet soda every day can triple one’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease or having a stroke. According to a new study published in the medical journal Stroke, diet soda consumers have a higher likelihood of developing the two conditions, if they drink diet soda daily,

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