Drake Confirms He Has a Son on New Double Album Scorpion

Famous rapper Drake (31) recently decided to come up with a big secret. He has a son and he revealed it all on his new double album called Scorpion which he released on Thursday night. He reportedly confirmed the rumor that he indeed had a child with French former adult-movie star Sophie Brussaux. Drake makes the big reveal in the track called Emotionless, which samples Mariah Carey. The Canadian artist sings that “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world/I was hiding the world from my kid.”

In the same track, he also adds that he doesn’t tell big news to blogs or tabloids. Instead, he tells them t the people that he can call. In an interesting twist, Drake references Michael Jackson’s famous hit Billie Jean in explaining his relationship with his son’s mother. He says that she is not his love, just like Billie Jen, but that the kid is his. The rapper also references his mother Sandi Graham who supposedly told him to be careful because it only takes one time. Moreover, he admits that he met with Brussaux only two times. Apart from this, he references his parents and how he is embarrassed to tell them that he’s now a co-parent.

Drake unveils he has a son on the new album Scorpion

It’s interesting that in the same track, Drake confirms that his son was born on October 11. Also, that when the DNA test confirmed that he was his father, he celebrated in Miami. Another reveal is that he bought a home for his son, but that he has only met him once, on a Christmas.

Apart from this big reveal, the new double album also features collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and Future, among others. Now, it seems that Drake is supporting Brussaux by giving her money to make sure that she lives comfortably. He ahs also been supporting his son since he was born.

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