Stephen King’s The Boogeyman to Become a Movie

According to reports, it seems that another famous story from author Stephen King is going to hit big screens soon. Apparently, 20th Century Fox is now closing a deal from screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, who also worked on the critically-acclaimed A Quiet Place, to adapt the short story called The Boogeyman. King first published this story back in 1973 and was part of his famous Night Shift collection from 1978. In the past, the story has been adapted numerous times, but only as a short movie. This will be the first time it gets adapted as a full-length feature film.

The Boogeyman tells the story of a man who recently lost all of his children because of a mysterious creature in the closet. It seems that this is only the latest Stephen King big screen adaptation in the works. There is also the highly-anticipated IT: Chapter 2, the sequel to last year’s hugely successful horror movie about a group of teenagers who are struggling to defeat an evil entity disguised as a clown. Next year’s sequel will deal with the adult part of King’s novel as The Losers Club will try and destroy Pennywise the Dancing Clown once and for all. The movie is set for a September 2019 release.

The Boogeyman is coming to theaters

Apart from the sequel to IT, there is another anthology series based on King’s work at Hulu called Castle Rock. This one will premiere on July 25. Moreover, there is another Pet Sematary remake currently in the works. It’s worth noting that after John Krasinski released A Quiet Place, Stephen King was one of the first people who praised the horror movie. Now, the screenwriters who worked with Krasinski will have the opportunity to also work on one of the most famous Stephen King stories.

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