Cardi B and Offset Had a Secret Wedding in September

It seems that rappers Cardi B and Offset had a secret wedding right in their bedroom way before they officially announced their engagement during a concert last October. The ring that Offset gave Cardi that night was just an insurance. They were already married. According to some reports, the two filed for a marriage certificate on September 20 last year, under their legal names, in Fulton County, Georgia. It seems that Offset woke up one morning and simply proposed to his then-girlfriend. She accepted and the two were married right then and there.

They asked an officiant to do the honors in their own bedroom, with only Cardi B’s cousin as a witness. It’s interesting that before they officially announced their engagement, there were rumors that they were already a married couple. At the Video Music Awards, Cardi did not reveal anything and she didn’t have a ring by that time. It seems that the Bodak Yellow singer was not pregnant when Offset first proposed to her, in September. Then, a few months later, at Powerhouse 2017 in Philadelphia, Offset got down on one knee and proposed to his already-wife during a concert, in front of everybody.

Cardi B and Offset tied the knot in September, in their bedroom

Back in April this year, Cardi B famously announced that she was pregnant during an episode of Saturday Night Live. This month, Cardi B with her baby bump along with her husband Offset are on the cover of famous magazine Rolling Stone. Since their engagement in October, they both have referred to each other as spouses. At the recent BET Awards, Offset thanked his “wife” for all the support.

It seems that Cardi herself confirmed the news through a Twitter post. She admitted that even if their relationship was rocky at the time, they were so in love and didn’t want to lose each other.

Image source: wikimedia


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