Johnny Depp Talks Divorce and Money Problems

In a recent interview for Rolling Stone magazine, actor Johnny Depp has finally decided to open up about his recent money problems as well as what he felt after he divorced from the ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. According to him, after he split from Heard, he hit the bottom. He never knew that it was possible to feel so low. Back then, the actor started getting sick of all that pain and admitted that he felt like he was going to arrive somewhere with his eyes open but leave with them closed.

At the moment, the Pirates of the Caribbean star is dealing with a lawsuit against Joel and Robert Mandel. They are the actor’s former business managers and he alleges that they mishandled his money. In turn, this supposedly cost him millions of dollars. On the other hand, Joel and Robert have countersued, saying that, in fact, Depp mishandled his own money. According to their claims, the actor spent $30,000 on wine purchases. Apart from this, he also supposedly paid a sound engineer on his payroll who fed him lines while on movies sets.

Johnny Depp talks money problems and divorce

In this recent interview, Johnny Depp says that the allegations are all false. He did have a sound engineer, but his job was to play certain sounds that would trigger various emotional responses. It all depended on what he needed for a specific scene. According to him, the emotion needs to be in the eyes, not in the spoken words.

As for the wine budget, he said that the claims were insulting because he paid far more on his wine. As for the claim that he spent $3 million to shoot Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes into the sky with a special cannon in Colorado, after he passed in 2005, Depp says that he actually paid $5 million. Thompson was a famous journalist and a close friend of Depp’s. The actor even portrayed him in 1998’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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