Rapper XXXTentacion, Dead at 20 After Being Shot

On Monday, famous rapper and hip-hop sensation XXXTentacion was unfortunately shot dead in Florida, Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed. He was only 20-years old and had an incredible career and life ahead. According to some reports, it seems that the rapper, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was looking to buy a motorcycle when the tragedy happened. As he was leaving the motorcycle dealer in his car, someone opened fire and shot him. Moreover, it seems that the police received a dispatch call immediately after the incident. It described two unknown suspects who drove away right after shooting Onfroy.

The reports are also saying that an adult male was transported to the nearest hospital after being found motionless in his car. Unfortunately, the rapper was pronounced dead a few hours later. The Broward sheriff department also said that the victim was leaving RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach at about 4 PM. Two armed suspects suddenly approached him, and at least one of them fired a gun in Onfroy’s direction, hitting him. After the shooting, both of them reportedly fled in a dark-colored SUV. According to the investigators, it may have also been a robbery case.

Young rapper XXXTentacion, dead at 20

XXXTentacion began his rise back in 2015 when, at only 17-years old, he uploaded his first hit single called Look At Me! to SoundCloud. The track was completely different than anything else in hip-hop. His vocals were more screamed than rapped over a beat that was pure noise. Over the course of the following year, the rapper was catapulted to success thanks to this fresh and very different approach to hip-hop.

He quickly became the poster boy for SoundCloud Rap, a new genre of music brought forward by some young new artists. XXXTentacion was one of the first stars, and his first single, one of its first hits. He also had a lot of charges linked to his name, including the frankness with which he talked about committing serious offenses. However, all of these problems did not affect his rise to fame in any way.

Image source: wikimedia