Warner Bros. Prepares Batman Movie Without Ben Affleck

Recently, there have been some important departures at Warner Bros., especially in the DC Entertainment area. However, it seems that a lot of things are about to change, now that Walter Hamada is the new DCE chief. He is reportedly planning some important changes and going over the development slate. Hamada is reportedly planning to give up on some projects while prioritizing others, beginning with the highly-anticipated Matt Reeves Batman movie. The director’s script, who is also a writer for the movie, reportedly focuses on a younger version of Batman.

Taking this idea into account, rumor has it that Ben Affleck, the star of the latest Batman movies, is not going to star in it. Warner Bros. did not comment on this situation, but by the looks of it, it may be true. It seems that the studio has been playing with certain ideas and wants to make movies that happen outside of the Justice League universe. This separate production banner could be called DC Black or DC Dark, according to certain reports. At least they are telling people from the get-go to expect a darker approach to the DC universe.

New Batman movie without Ben Affleck

This was a tumultuous month for DC Entertainment, with presidents Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns both leaving their roles at the company. Sources are now saying that Hamada has been working to restore peace in this chaos and so far, he’s doing a great job. Things are now calmer and on the right track. According to sources familiar with the situation at DCE, hamada simply walked into a disaster and he is now trying to clean up all the mess.

Apart from this Batman movie, there will also be at least two different Jokers in two separate universes, played by Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix, respectively. It remains to be seen what is going to happen with these projects too.

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