Children Not Only Have More Energy than Adults, They Also Recover Faster (Study)


Have you ever wondered why your kids are much more energetic than you and aren’t tired at the end of the day? It probably won’t come as too big of a shock to know that there’s a new study which analyzed this exact aspect. Its results reveal that children have the same level of energy as professional athletes, which explains why it’s so difficult for you to keep up with them!

Researchers have found that kids can be more energetic throughout the day because they have significant muscle resistance to fatigue. Kids also have the same muscle recovery rate as professional athletes.

The Frontiers in Physiology published the study. Research involved endurance athletes, male children, and men who were not trained athletes.

All three groups did high-intensity workouts and the researchers observed how quickly each group got tired. Sprints and cycling were the activities involved in the study.


The Study Findings and How They Explain the Children’s Seemingly Unlimited Energy

Auvergne Sebastien Ratel, an associate professor in exercise physiology at the Université Clermont, stated that the kids had a much more aerobic metabolism which made them less tired when performing high-energy activities.

Ratel also shares that the young boys in the study had a quicker recovery time that was significantly faster than trained adult athletes. The younger group also had a quicker recovery in terms of heart rate and an increased ability for blood lactate removal. Ratel also asserts that this is likely the reason that kids can play for hours on end, long after adults are fatigued.

Every group in the study was evaluated for the two ways that the body makes energy: aerobic, which utilizes the oxygen in blood and anaerobic, which doesn’t utilize oxygen but makes lactate and acidosis which can cause the muscles to become tired.

The heart rate of the participants, as well as the rate of lactate removal and oxygen levels were evaluated after cycling to see how each group recovered.

Kids outperformed the untrained men in every category. When it came to recovery, the younger group excelled when compared to endurance athletes. Throughout the cycling, adults intensity dropped by 51.8%, the athletes experienced a 41.8% drop, and kids only showed a decrease of 35.2%.

Tim Olds, a health science profession at the University of South Australia, asserts that this is a rather interesting study, but doesn’t indicate that kids are in as much physical shape as athletes.

According to ABC News, Olds stated that the way young people recover is more similar to the high recovery rate of athletes than adults who are not athletically trained.


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