Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Misconduct Again

It seems that the former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Stan Lee is once again accused of sexual misconduct. According to a lawsuit, a masseuse from the Chicago area, Maria Carballo, is accusing Lee of battery, assault, and emotional distress, among other things. She has also named Max Anderson, Lee’s former assistant in a count of civil conspiracy. The assault happened during two separate massage therapy sessions that took place on April 21 and 22 last year, in a hotel room in Chicago. Now, it seems that the woman is seeking over $50,000 in damages for each count.

According to what she stated, she was afraid to ask anyone to help her unmask Stan Lee. A rich and famous person would always be believed over a normal person. However, other women’s efforts and courage also made her do something about what happened in the past and come forward with her story. Carballo admitted to still feeling nervous and afraid, but not as much as before. Now, there are people helping and believing her.

Stan Lee faces sexual misconduct allegations once again

Moreover, it seems that a female victim indeed filed a police report on April 22, 2017. In it, she was claiming that a male client behaved inappropriately while she was ding her job. Apparently, Stan Lee’s attorney has said that the Marvel mastermind denies all of the accusations and feels shocked. At 95-years old, the attorney said that Lee surely has not done that.

According to the lawsuit, Lee began pleasuring himself while she was performing a massage on him. Carballo felt uncomfortable and left immediately. After calling her three time, her employer managed to convince her that everything was going to be all right because Lee had apologized. When she returned, the same story happened again, and Lee even touched her with his genital. That was the moment when she left for good.

Image source: wikimedia