Netflix Orders King Arthur Drama from Frank Miller

It seems that Netflix is planning to bring the fascinating Arthurian legend back to life. The streaming giant has recently ordered a 10-episode series called Cursed, which is based on Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s upcoming book of the same name. The story will be this time told from the perspective of a teenage girl who is destined to become the fabled Lady of the Lake. Netflix describes the new series as a reimagining of King Arthur’s legend, told through the young eyes of Nimue, a teenage girl with an incredible gift who will eventually become the famous and tragic Lady of the Lake.

After her mother dies, she finds a trusted companion in Arthur. He is a young mercenary with a mission: to deliver an ancient sword to the wizard Merlin. As the story progresses, Nimue will learn a lot about life, will become feared by the Red Paladins and by their king, Uther. Wheeler and Miller co-created the story, and will also executive produce the upcoming series.

A Netflix series based on the Arthurian legend

When the book was first announced last week, Miller said that he has always been fascinated by the interesting story of King Arthur and by the mysterious Nimue. It’s interesting that the book can be both kid-friendly, like The Sword in The Stone, and terrifying, like Excalibur. He also said that he is honored to collaborate with Wheeler for this project. Also, that the children’s books that he inherited from his mother triggered this passion.

Miller has had many other works adapted for the big or small screen, from Sin City and 300, to Ronin, Daredevil and The Dark Knight Returns. When it comes to Wheeler, he was the co-writer for The Lego Ninjago Movie, and also wrote the screenplay for Puss in Boots, the Shrek spin-off. Recently, he finished writing the script for the upcoming Dora the Explorer live-action adaptation at Paramount.

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