Is the Male Birth Control Pill Safe? (Study)

The male birth control pill has a new formula that appears to be safe for the health. However, just like the female birth control pill, it poses some problems. One of these problems is that it makes men gain weight. Another issue is that it was only tested for a few weeks so its success rate couldn’t be tested. But let’s see more about the male birth control pill.

Good News for Men

From what it seems, the researchers who tested the pill are very excited about the contraceptive method. Most of them praised this contraceptive especially because it is the first birth control pill for men which is safe. In the last 300 years the only contraceptive method available for men was using a condom.

However, the first tests for the pill were not long enough to prove that it lowers the sperm production. Despite this fact, this could be the best hope for male contraceptive that doesn’t involve a surgery, like a vasectomy. Until now, men were only able to use a condom or get a vasectomy. Now, this male birth control pill gives researchers a new path to follow.

A Second Version of the Pill

This pill has been developed by scientists after they modified the previous version which caused liver damage. Besides, it also required 2 doses every day. To conduct the test for this new pill, 100 volunteers received either it or a placebo pill. The National Institute of Health was the one responsible for funding the tests for the pill.

Researchers mentioned that the testosterone levels decreased once men took this pill. Moreover, they recovered in the first days after stopping the dosage. While the pill is safe to use, researchers mentioned that it can make men gain weight and that it lowers the HDL cholesterol levels. Now that the scientists decided that the male birth control pill is safe, they are going to test it and see if it lowers the sperm production.

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