Selena Gomez’s Family Drama Isn’t Because of Bieber

Even if many people blamed pop singer Justin Bieber for the family issues happening in Selena Gomez’s family, especially her relationship with her mother, Mandy Teefey, it seems that is not at all the case. According to sources with knowledge, their relationship was problematic long before the former Disney star reconciliated with the Canadian hit maker. This discussion began after multiple sources confirmed that Gomez’s family members did not support her relationship with Bieber after they decided to be back together.

However, it seems that the problems between Selena and her mother have a much longer history. According to a source, the most important person in Selena’s life is her mother. Still, this doesn’t mean that it was always sunny when it comes to their relationship. It seems like for an entire year, Mandy didn’t speak with her daughter after she was fired by Selena from the manager post she had, back in 2014.

Selena and Mandy’s rocky relationship

It appears that the decision the songstress took back then almost destroyed their relationship. Moreover, Mandy didn’t supposedly allow Selena to talk to her sister for a long period of time. And because both Mandy and her husband, Brian Teefey, Selena’s stepdad, made everything they could for Selena, this decision really affected them.

However, problems aside, the two reconnected and in March, they walked the red carpet together for the premiere of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. As for her relationship with Justin Bieber, it seems that her family issues do not have anything to do with their reconciliation. On the contrary, Selena is right now leaning on her boyfriend for support.

Back in November it became clear that Selena and Justin became a couple once again when paparazzi spotted them together on numerous occasions. Rumor has it that the two are now planning to spend New Year’s Eve together.

Image source: flickr

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