U2’s Bono Talks About Nearly Dying

Bono, the famous front man of the rock band U2, has recently opened up the recent time when he almost died. The rock star talked about this moment and how it inspired the band’s most recent album called Songs of Experience in an interview for Rolling Stone. It’s interesting that the singer refused to offer any details about what actually happened that could have ended his life. However, he revealed how the new album approaches topics like mortality. In his opinion, the fact that we die allows us to connect the dots and to create a unique bond with music in general.

Bono also explained how people can have both psychological and physical extinction moments. For him, it was reportedly physical when he almost passed away. The singer also said how he spared himself from all the drama when it came to that moment. He also escaped the obsession people have regarding celebrities and their lives.

Bono almost died but won’t say how it happened

Also regarding the celebrity obsession, he said that it is only ok if that person chooses to reveal certain personal details in an interview like the one he did with Rolling Stone. However, when the news appears in tabloids and are based on gossip, it’s not ok at all.

As for his near-death experience, Bono said that he doesn’t want to detail it because he received the medical care he needed to survive. Unfortunately, not many people have access to this kind of care and this is the reason he does not want to talk about it.

This is why the band chose to write about these kinds of experiences instead of talking about them. This was the inspiration for their new album and as bizarre as it may sound, it was death. Bono also said that a poet named Brendan Kennelly also influenced him greatly in his art.

Image source: wikimedia

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