Oil Droplets Can Contribute to Indoor Air Pollution


Although a problem, indoor air pollution is not discussed enough about as most people probably don’t know how dangerous it can be or how to avoid it. A team of researchers from Utah State University and Texas Tech University showed that the oil droplets resulted from cooking can contribute to this type of pollution.

Indoor Air Pollution and Its Relation to Cooking Oil

Oil droplets get released every time someone fries meat or vegetables in oil in an open frying pan. These oil drops can be very dangerous besides the fact that they can leave the cook with some burn stains. Researchers recently discovered that they have a significant impact on the indoor air pollution levels.

Every drop of water that comes into contact with oil is broken in a big number of oil droplets. These dissipate in the air when they jump from the pan. The researchers tested their theory by putting oil in a pan and then monitoring it. They observed the oil droplets with a high-speed camera and recorded the way they dissipate in the air.

Adding water to a frying pan while the oil is hot can increase the risk of oil droplets dissipating in the air. This can pollute the entire room in just a few seconds. Another problem is that these oil droplets can be inhaled very easily due to their size.

Previous studies showed the effects of indoor air pollution. One of the researchers explained that this is just as harmful as the outdoor one. Air pollution is linked to bladder, colorectal, and kidney cancer mortality.

Worldwide, millions of people die due to indoor air pollution. The researchers of this study showed that the oil droplets could be one of the factors that cause this. They are now planning on continuing their research to observe how much the oil dissipating in the air can increase this sort of air pollution.

Image Source: MaxPixel

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