The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are Meeting Again

It seems like even in the fabulous world of celebrities, it’s never easy to deal with a breakup. Especially when you are The Weeknd and your famous ex is Selena Gomez. After news broke out about their unexpected breakup, everyone was in shock when paparazzi took pictures of Selena hanging out with her former flame, Justin Bieber. Now, sources with knowledge are confirming that the two are actually back together for good. So, where does that leave Canadian singer The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye)? In the arms of his former model girlfriend, Bella Hadid.

Could they be rekindling their romance too? Fans should remember that Bella wasn’t too happy when Abel got together with Selena. However, she must be coming back to some better feelings now. On November 15, paparazzi spotted Abel leaving Bella’s New York City apartment after supposedly spending the night there.

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid back together?

Well, according to some sources, Abel and Bella have been talking since he broke up with Selena. He was the ne who reached out to her to catch up. And even if the supermodel wasn’t too happy when he began a relationship with the former Disney star, it seems that now she wants to see where the story goes. The same sources are saying that even if they are not going to be together again, at least they should try to be good friends.

The two broke exactly one year ago, after 18 months of dating. And despite that, they reportedly still feel a strong connection. However, now, they want to take things slow and see what happens. Abel even told her that he still loves her and apologized if he ever hurt her.

Also, with the very busy schedule that Bella has now with Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show coming up, it’s normal for her to want to take things slowly.

Image source: wikimedia

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