George H. W. Bush Apologizes after Actresses Accuse Him of Groping

Actress Heather Lind recently accused former United States president George H. W. Bush of groping her while posing for a picture together, a few years back. Moreover, Lind explained that his wife, Barbara Bush saw everything as it happened. She revealed this incident in a post on her official Instagram account that she has since deleted.

Immediately after, Bush’s spokesman said in a statement that the 93-years old former president would never do anything to harm a person. If it happened, it was probably an attempt at a joke and the president apologizes if it caused any distress.

Former president Bush apologizes twice

However, on Wednesday, the same spokesman released a lengthier statement in which is doesn’t deny the accusation. He even explains that the former president touched the actress but because he is in a wheelchair for five years, his hand might fall on the lower part of the waist of some people. Because of this, he usually makes the same joke where he touches women’s bottoms. However, it’s meant as a funny gesture. Still, the president apologizes if someone took it the wrong way.

According to Lind, this incident took place about four years ago, when she was promoting AMC’s historical TV show called Turn: Washington Spies. She called what he did “sexual assault” and said that he touched her twice, with his wife Barbara watching. After that, Bush even told her a dirty joke. As for his wife, she reportedly rolled her eyes when she saw the gesture.

It’s also interesting that according to Lind, a security guard told her after the meeting that she shouldn’t have placed herself next to the former president. Also, another actress, Jordana Grolnick, explained that she went through almost the same thing. The former president also groped her during a photo back in 2016. She also revealed that people told her not to stay next to Bush.

Image source: wikimedia

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