Kim Kardashian Apologizes for Defending Jeffree Star

Everybody should learn from their mistakes, even if that person happens to be a celebrity that has a lot of fans in the entire world. The same thing happened to Kim Kardashian West when she defended a famous make-up artist’s racist comments. Many people harshly criticized her for this on Twitter and it seems like the criticism made her reconsider her position. This is probably why, on Tuesday, she took to Snapchat and posted an apology video.

Kim Kardashian West apologizes

The story began on Monday, when Kim posted a Snapchat message in which she is slamming her fans for criticizing Jeffree Star. He has an entire history of racial slurs and this is why all those people were after him. It’s interesting that Kim chose to defend the make-up artist who was just saying that her latest makeup swatches looked like they were made out of chalk. It seems like all those people were reminded of his racism comments when a very old video came back into the public eye this summer.

Star posed an apology for that video a long time ago, but it seems like some people couldn’t get over it. Still, apologizing doesn’t really fix that mistake but it’s a decent thing to do. Fans also criticized Kim for telling them that they should just forget what Star has done and move on.

However, in her new apology video, Kim admits that she didn’t know the entire story behind Jeffree’s rants. She admitted that she felt naïve for defending something she didn’t have enough information on. Kim apologized to everyone and said that nobody should “get over” something so terrible like racism. After all, her husband and children are all black and she should know better than anyone what a terrible thing racism is. All in all, it’s a good thing that she had the courage to film another video and apologize. It shows that she has a backbone. Maybe, she will not get fooled again.

Image source: wikimedia

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