Drinking Green Tea Might Help Improve Your Memory

Touted as one of the most useful beverages for well-being and health, green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. For the longest time, drinking green tea has been known to keep the heart healthy, boost immunity, reduce risks of cancer, and lower cholesterol, etc. Adding to its long list of benefits, new reports reveal that consuming this type of tea may also boost the memory.

According to, Xuebo Liu a researcher at the college of food science and engineering in Yangling China, this tea is among the top consumed beverages in the globe.

He continues to explain that green tea is more acceptable when it comes to alternative medicine in regards to insulin resistance, combating obesity, and memory impairment.

Green Efficiency Tests on Mice

Yun Bai from the Third Military Medical University in China reveals that there is emerging evidence that the chemical properties present in the ancient South-eastern tea may impact cellular mechanisms in the brain. During their study, the professionals gave more attention to an organic chemical epigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG) the main ingredient of the beverage. The experts proposed that the EGCG improves cognitive function through a process known as neurogenesis where the chemical impacts generation of neuron cells.

Focusing on the hippocampus the area of the brain that processes both long term and short term memory, researchers concluded that ECGC plays a role in the making of neural progenitor cells that are similar to stem cells. These can transform into various types of cells. Previous research saw the specialists identify the potential of the organic chemical in treating various human diseases.

The experts used mice to determine if the rise in cell production was beneficial to memory. They had two groups of mice where one had ECGC. The animals underwent training to find a hidden platform. Mice that had ECGC were able to find the hidden platform faster than the ones who did not have.It implies that the organic chemical can help to improve the memory and to learn as well because it assists the mice to recognize objects and enhance individual memory. Plans are underway to include clinical trials for more comprehensive research.

The information above gives people another reason to continue consuming green tea. Older adults could also come to benefit from it as they could enjoy fantastic memory even in their golden years.

Although evidence for the claim is limited, the fact that drinking green tea can improve the memory could be a major discovery. It might indicate that it could also help dementia and Alzheimer’s patients lead fuller lives.

Image Source: Wikimedia

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