Game of Thrones’ Stormborn Episode, One of the Best

If the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere introduced the viewers back into the world of Westeros, the second episode continues that trend. Titled Stormborn, a reference to Daenerys, the episode, which is longer but part of a shorter season, is based on some very detailed dialogues between important characters. Also, it includes a lot of revelations meant to remind everybody about the very essence that is Game of Thrones.


The episode begins where the first one ended, with Daenerys making plans once she has arrived at Dragonstone, her new headquarters. However, she will not completely begin her quest to take what is her “by right” until she discovers a supposed traitor among her allies. Varys, one of the most intelligent, cunning and gifted with words characters in the show, is the one Daenerys thinks might betray her. It’s interesting that he is often not in the spotlight, but manages to steal it every time he appears. This is probably how he manages to close a deal with the Mother of Dragons, and she spares his life.

This episode also continues the mysterious story of Jorah Mormont, the ally Daenerys exiled until he finds a cure for his dragon scale. As we have previously seen, he is in the Citadel and meets a familiar face, Sam Tarly. This episode continues that narrative while also providing the comedic aspect of the episode, one which will probably become a tradition for this part of the show.

And while Daenerys has managed to gather quite an admirable band around her, one which includes Yara Greyjoy, Ellaria Sand, and Olenna Tyrell, Cersei and Jamie are forming their own alliances. After Euron Greyjoy promised her the greatest gift in the world, Jami has now recruited Sam’s father, Randyll, to be his general.

As for the North, Jon Snow is leaving Sansa to watch over Winterfell and he is leaving for Dragonstone. This could lead to a much-anticipated meeting between him and Dany. Arya is also reunited with an old friend, Nymeria, her direwolf.

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