Prince William and Prince Harry Share Last Memories with their Mother

Recently, Prince William and Prince Harry remembered the last memories they have of their mother, the late Princess Diana. Also, they talked about the regrets they have following the last phone call they had with her, when they were children. The princes admitted that it’s a memory that still haunts them, even to this day, as adults. This was one of the most honest and intimate interviews the two princes have ever given. It was reportedly very hard for them to remember and talk about the memory of their mother. William actually said that now he understands and feels the pain even stronger, because he has his own kids.

A special and honest interview

During this interview, Harry and William not only remembered the happy moments they had with Princess Diana, but also the enormous pain they felt when she disappeared, so sudden and also unexpectedly. Harry was the one who said that he is still dealing with her loss and that the scar will never heal. William said that he remembers exactly what he talked about with his mother during their last call. Every word. However, he chose not to disclose it.

According to them, the following morning, their father, Prince Charles, woke them up and told them that their mother had died. She was just 36-year old, one year older than William’s today age. On the other hand, Harry admitted that he has and probably will have regrets for the rest of his life, in what concerns that last phone call. In his opinion, it was too short and simple, but nobody knew it would have been the last.

This interview was actually recorded for a documentary called Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, which ITV will air on Monday. It’s interesting that for this documentary, some people who have never before spoken about her, offered some never-before-heard details.

Image source: wikimedia

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