Dwayne Johnson Thinks about Running for President

                                                          Dwayne Johnson Thinks about Running for President

In an interview with GQ, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said that running for president might be a real possibility for him in the future. He did not publicly support any candidate during last year’s United States presidential election. However, he said that he respects enormously the entire political process and the people participating to it. The former wrestler said that he decided not to endorse any candidate because he is aware of the fact that his words have a great deal of influence. And he did not want to influence anyone’s decision.

There is a possibility of running for president

At 45-years old, the “Baywatch” star said that he might not keep his mouth shut for long because he really considers running for president. Donald Trump’s victory, a former reality show star and businessman, over Hillary Clinton, an established politician with experience, was a real surprise for everyone. As for Johnson’s opinion on Trump’s beginning of the mandate, he preferred not to say anything negative. Instead, he focused on explaining the way he would lead America. The movie star said that he would not exclude anyone who did not agree with him. Each opinion is important when you have such power. It would be a mistake not to listen to everybody.

When talking about Trump’s not very good relationship with the media, Johnson said that he would not classify everything opposed to his opinion as “fake news”. Instead, he would take criticism as something constructive. Something that means that he can do better. It is a question of progress and whether or not we accept it. The actor also said that he is against the anti-immigration order which Trump issued. He said that he understands the concern for national security, but that a ban is not the solution.

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