Who Won Big at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

                                                         Who Won Big at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

This was the first year when MTV decided to introduce the TV category into its Movie Awards event. So, movie stars were not the only ones who received golden popcorn trophies on Sunday night. Adam DeVine, the star and co-creator of “Workaholics” hosted the ceremony during which one of the big winners was the critically acclaimed TV show “Stranger Things”.

MTV Movie and TV Awards

The original horror Netflix series won two of the most important award of the night. One for the inaugural category Best TV Show, and the other for Best Actor in a Show for Millie Bobby Brown. The young actress actually started crying on stage after receiving her award, admitting that it was an emotional moment for her.

As for the movie categories, “Beauty and the Beast” was the big winner of the night. It also scored two big wins, one for Best Movie and one for Emma Watson as Belle in the Best Actor in a Movie category. It is worth noting that the awards were no longer gender-specific. So, there was no Best Actress award. Emma Watson even talked about this change during her speech. She said that she was very proud to receive the first ever common award for males and females.

Many changes

Another change was the MTV Generation Award which went to the entire “Fast and Furious” cast. In the past, only one individual could have won this award. There were also some new categories like Trending, Best American Story, and Next Generation. As for other awards, the one for Best Villain went to Jeffrey Dean Morgan for his role in “The Walking Dead”. The Best Kiss award went to Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome in the critically-acclaimed movie “Moonlight”.

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