President Trump Dismisses Pair of National Polls as ‘Fake News’

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Just days before he marks his first 100 days in office, president Donald Trump labeled as “fake news” a pair of national polls showing his approval ratings at the lowest level for a U.S. president in over seven decades.

On Monday morning, the billionaire acknowledged that the polls had some “very positive info” but they were completely wrong when it came to the general election. A day prior, Trump had bragged that he would “still” defeat his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in popular vote. It is worth noting that the popular vote was clenched by Clinton.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that only 42 percent of American voters think Trump is going a good job as the country’s Commander in Chief; around 53 percent think the opposite. Previous presidents’ job approval ratings for their first 100 days usually sat at 69 percent.

A separate poll from NBC News/Wall Street Journal revealed that 64 percent of American voters rate Trump’s first-100-day performance as president as “poor” or “middling”. Around 45 percent said he had a “poor start”. The job approval rating, according to the poll, is 40 percent, which is the lowest rating in the history of NBC News/Wall Street Journal polling.

Trump, nonetheless, claims the duo of polls were “totally wrong” about the GE, and suggests they may be wrong this time too. In November, indeed, the same polls showed Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump by 4 points.

The president’s “positive info” from the two polls was probably the 73 percent of Americans saying that they back him in his push to keep American jobs in the country. The polls surveyed liberals, Democrats, and racial minorities too, which historically oppose Republican policies.

Another piece of good news for Trump is that 53 percent of American voters see him as “a strong leader,” but the big surprise was the 96 percent of the people who voted for him and said that they would do it again.

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