Cats Prefer People Over Food, Study Finds

There is this universal thinking that even if cats do not need walking, they do not make so much mess and are supposedly more intelligent than a dog, they have one problem. Cats do not like humans very much and are very selfish, by nature. However, cat lovers will be happy to hear that a recent study has found that the situation is not that bad. A new research from the Oregon State University which was published on Friday is saying that not only cats like humans very much, they are willing to pick them over food.

Your cat likes you very much

So, according to this study, most of the times, your purring friend will pick you over eating its favorite food. The scientists reportedly studied the behavior of some cats during some tests. Those challenges were meant to show what will the cat choose in various situations. With those tests, the scientists wanted to prove not only that cats are not selfish as it is widely believed, but that they are actually loving and care for their owner.

For the study, the researchers used 50 cats which they took from shelters or people’s homes. They left the cats with no food, scent, toys and human contact for a few hours. After that, the cats needed to choose between different things, to show what they missed the most. Surprisingly enough, most cats chose human interaction over everything else. Even over food. Only 37 per cent of the cats reportedly chose food over anything else. So, they are a minority.

What the researchers are saying

According to the conclusion the researchers came to, half of the cats who participated in the experiment chose human interaction after being deprived of it for a few hours. Even if they had other things to choose from, like their favorite toy or food, it seems like some cats choose their human. While it is indeed true that not all cats are like this, this research should prove to everyone that cats are not antisocial and they care for their owner.

So, dog lovers, from now on, you should stop saying about cat people that they are taking care of an emotionless ball of fur. Cat have feelings too, and while they may not show it like dogs do, they love their owner and people in general. And to prefer someone over food, that is indeed true love.

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