The Happiest and Healthiest U.S. City is… in Florida

Image result for florida beachesAccording to a Gallup survey, a Florida city ranks as the United States’ healthiest and happiest place to live in. The research show that the residents of Naples, Fla., are the most content about their community, social connections, physical well-being, financial security, and sense of purpose.

The next in line are Barnstable Town, in Mass., Santa Cruz–Watsonville, in Calif., and Honolulu, in Hawaii. Other municipalities on the list are Boulder, in Colorado and Provo-Orem, in Utah, two cities that are the only ones to have reappeared in the top 10 since the rankings started nearly a decade ago.

Dan Witters, a senior researcher for the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, noted that Naples residents really know how to take care of themselves, and the municipality “does a lot of things right”. People living there have high levels of job satisfaction, are pleased with the social relationships they have, and enjoy superior physical health.

Surprisingly, the city’s exotic scenery and wealthy community has little to do with the survey’s outcome. Witters noted that while some respondents said that income is important, they did not give it a high score as a happiness-trigger. In addition, the average income of a Naples household is far from being “off the charts.” Witters doesn’t think that residing near the coast has a great influence on the level of well-being.

According to last year’s rankings, Naples had the top spot, with Salinas, in Calif., being the second, and Sarasota, in Fla., the third.

Gallup researchers analyzed the answers of respondents when asked about five aspects of their lives: community (or how safe and proud they felt about living in their communities), social (or how much love and support they had in their lives), purpose (how many opportunities they had to learn something new), financial (how strong their sense of financial security was), and physical (the likelihood of having depression throughout their lifetime).

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