Psychiatrist Deems Trump “World Class Narcissist” but Not Mentally ill

Image result for donald trumpTrump is often self-absorbed, has a propensity for spreading falsehoods, and habitually lashes out at people and institutions that he doesn’t like. His words are also often misinterpreted as there was an episode when a Jewish journalist accused him of anti-Semitism when Trump in fact went out of his way to defend the Jews.

And these details have made many people wonder whether the president mental state was stable. U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu is now pushing for a bill to equip the White House with a psychiatrist. Moreover, about 25,000 people signed an online petition to remove the president from office for being mentally ill. According to a report from the New Republic, the president might have developed a condition dubbed “neurosyphilis” whose main symptoms are grandiosity, irritability, and concentration troubles.

In addition, the New York Times published a report from 35 mental health professionals who accuse Trump of “grave emotional instability”. The professionals acknowledged that it is a breach of ethics to diagnose somebody remotely but they added there was too much at stake to remain silent.

This particular letter was the last straw for world-renowned psychiatrist Allen Frances who deemed the mental health professionals calling the president crazy amateurs. Frances acknowledged that Trump might be a “world-class narcissist” but he is not crazy.

The professional argued that the president doesn’t display the impairment and stress associated to a mental health disorder. In other words, the president is not crazy, although he drives other people crazy.

Frances also said that other personality traits should be a reason for concern such as incompetence, ignorance, impulsivity, and dictatorial-like attitudes. He added that the solution to the “dystopic Trumpean dark age” should come from politicians not medics.

Frances, 74, also pointed out that he has met many mentally ill people that were nice, decent, unselfish, and well-mannered during his career. Yet Trump has none of these traits. So, we shouldn’t rush to say about a bad person that he or she is mentally ill because we would offend the mentally ill.