Metal detector specialist locates Vanished mother-in-law buried under veranda

An Experienced metal detectorist has been called in to track down a missing mother in law finally found her – entombed under a veranda.
A family was compelled to call in a bath of Vanish stain remover after they forgot where they buried their mum in law’s ashes – in a metal detectorist –find out more about metal detectors here.


Lilian Jackson and her urn

They set her ashes in an urn which they place into a plastic bath of Vanish. But years after the couple redesigned their lawn – including building a veranda. Then they realised they sent an SOS and did not understand where Lilian was entombed.
They posted Help”.

went to help locate her.

Stunned Morley said he’s used to receiving requests to find the external tractor component, car keys and lost wedding bands.

44, Morley, said:

“They explained she’s literally vanished and they had placed her in a bath of Vanish.

Not understanding these folks I did not know how to respond.”


Above picture showing Metal detectorist Morley Howard with David Jackson and the tub containing Lilian Jackson’s ashes

Morley says despite excavating several holes in the garden, the couple was not able to locate her.

He said:

“It was undoubtedly the most different retrieval assignment I Have ever been outside on. They were extremely happy to get her back. ”And the husband whose mum it was brought out a picture of her and requested to have a picture with us.”


The tub containing Lilian Jackson’s ashes and Penelope Jackson

Penelope, of Burnham on Sea, Somerset, included: “He was terrific.

”He immediately located the canister, and we are now planning to re-enter the ashes and maintain a highly careful note of the place.”

Morley, whose 14-year old son suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, said he requested them to contribute to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and he didn’t ask for a penny for himself.
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