Huawei honor 8, a very popular device indeed with its 1.5 million units sold!

Huawei has been on a roll in the past year with the successes of both the Nexus 6P and the Huawei P9, and that trend doesn’t look to be slowing down with the recently released Honor 8 selling 1.5 million units in China in the first two months.

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The Huawei Honor 8 is a slightly more mid-range phone than the P9, but shares a lot of the same features such as the Leica-certified dual lens camera system, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and similar size in the hand. It changes some things up, however, with it’s slightly slower processor, but a bump up in RAM to 4GB.

Since its release in China back in July, the Honor 8 has proven to be a very popular device indeed with its 1.5 million units sold and that number is only expected to continue rising as the Honor 8 expands its presence into Europe and North America (starting price at $399). Another interesting announcement that Honor’s Vice President Zhao Ming made is since the introduction of the Honor brand 999 days ago, Huawei has sold more than 100 million Honor handsets. This is encouraging news for sure as more and more Chinese manufacturers try to expand their market share around the globe.

Do you own an Honor 8 and have been happy with the phone so far? Be sure to check out our unboxing of the device!

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