Advertisers will divert users to Messenger through News Feed advertisements very soon!

Facebook has introduced the Messenger Platform 1.2, with updates that create a richer platform for businesses to interact with customers through chatbots. Advertisers will get the ability to divert users to Messenger through News Feed advertisements.

The feature will be rolled out over the next month to all advertisers around the world. The same features available for current advertisements, including targeting at demographics and choosing delivery times, will be available.

The payments feature is currently in the Beta testing phase. A broader rollout of the feature is expected by the end of the year. The current payment mechanism is a little clunky in terms of UI and number of steps involved, which is expected to be streamlined in the future.

Users can now share chatbots, or messages from chatbots to their contacts. Contacts will receive an icon that allows them to start chatting with a shared bot. Messages such as news or a shopping option can also be shared to friends through a share button that is attached to a message. These features are aimed at making it easier to discover chatbots. Developers of chatbots can now configure a landing screen, that gives some background information about the chatbot, so users have an idea of what to expect.