Drunk driving arrests have dropped in San Anton, Report

according to reports, drunk driving arrests have dropped in San antonio, however, police aren’t sure what role rideshare plays.

Uber and Lyft have been back in San antonio since October. In the 10 months they’ve been in operation, there have been 3237 DWIs, according to the San antonio police.

KENS 5 took a look at the same time period for the previous year, when there was no rideshare. From October 2014 to June 2015, there were 4,316 DWI arrests.

That means that DWI’s have dropped by 25 percent since Uber and Lyft have been back in the alamo City.

“We’ve really found with Uber over the last year in a half, especially with millennials, smartphones, and things like that, it becomes an easy alternative that they’re more comfortable with using,” said Jason Derscheid with Mothers against Drunk Driving of South Texas.

MaDD said that it can’t say for sure if Uber and Lyft are the cause, but they believe in rideshare enough to make it an official MaDD designated driver partner.

Both MaDD and police say that Uber and Lyft need to be in operation longer before a definitive link can be found between rideshare and DWI’s in San antonio.